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Reaching the African Continent

This year the Stockholm Challenge is focusing countries with low or no participation previous years. The result is already showing, when African projects are already more then it has been any other year!

With five months to the last submission date, this positive trend shows a big step forward for the Stockholm Challenge Award to become a truly global competition. The Stockholm Challenge has co-operated with a number of development agencies, researcher and NGO networks that have nominated African projects. Hopefully this will lead to an increasing number of African projects in this years final.

The leading continent so far, looking at the number of submitted projects, is Asia, with a majority of Indian projects! Later on we hope the see more Chinese, Japanese and Korean projects as well.

We are especially happy to see six new countries in the global Challenge network; Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Mongolia in Asia, Botswana and Zaire in Africa and Samoa in Oceania. Welcome to the Stockholm Challenge!

Among the categories the largest one is, not surprisingly, education, followed by e-government. This year there is a relatively high number of e-business projects, especially from Asia. Our big challenge is now to reach more projects within the environmentcategory.

The top 10 list, so far, is similar to last year. The US is taking the lead followed by India and Canada. Among the top 10 we also, for the first time, find Israel and South Africa!

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