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Important Business Plans & Business Letter Samples


Sample Business Letters

  Letter Announcing New Payment Terms
  Letter Announcing New Services to Existing Customers
  Letter Announcing Sales Promotion
  Letter Applying for a Small Business Loan
  Letter Confirming Purchase Order
  Letter Demanding Overdue Payment
  Letter Enclosing Business Proposal
  Letter Expressing Appreciation
  Letter Notifying Customer of Bounced Check
  Letter of Reference for Former Employee
  Letter Reminder of Customer Late Payment
  Letter Responding to a Complaint
  Letter Responding to an Unsolicited Job Inquiry
  Letter Responding to Classified Job Ad for Sales Position
  Letter Setting Up a Business Checking Account
  Letter Template Announcing New Product
  Letter Template Announcing New Service
  Letter Template for Employment Reference
  Letter Template for Notice of Meeting
  Letter Thanking Customer for Order
  Letter to Human Resources Department Seeking an Administrative Assistant Position

Starting A Business Center

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Human Resources Center

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 Recruiting & Hiring  
 Compensation & Benefits  
 Workers' Compensation  
 Compliance & Legal  
 Employee Records  
 Terminating Employees  
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