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Q & A For A Sucessful Business


Questions & Answers For A Sucessful Business

Business Web Sites
  What is a domain name?
  Can I put articles or pictures from other Web sites on my site?
  What is a Terms of Use Agreement for a Web site?
  What is an assignment clause in a contract?
  Can I charge a customer a late fee is the customer does not pay on time?
  What is a letter of intent?
  Can I get out of a commercial lease?
  Is arbitration preferable to litigation?
  How can I get my customers to pay on a more timely basis?
  How much will an incorporation cost?
  Where should I incorporate my company?
  What liability do I have as a director of a corporation?
  What is D&O Insurance?
Consultants & Independent Contractors
  What are the key elements of an agreement with an independent contractor?
  What are the benefits and disadvantages of hiring consultants?
Human Resources
  What is "at-will" employment?
  Should I require prospective employees to fill out an employment application?
  What government forms do I need new employees to fill out?
  What does COBRA coverage do for employees?
  Is it important for my company to have an employee handbook?
  How can I fire an employee without running the risk of being sued?
  Is it advisable for my company to have an employee handbook?
  Does every business have to have Workers' Compensation Insurance?
  How can I fire my lawyer if I am not happy with the relationship?
  How can I get some background information on a lawyer?
  How can I minimize legal fees when using a lawyer?
  How will I be charged for legal services?
  What kind of lawyer should I hire for my business?
  How much interest can a lender charge?
  Can I be personally liable for a business loan?
  Where can I find information on SBA loans?
  What questions will prospective lenders have before loaning my business money?
  What will a promissory note typically contain?
  Is being in a general partnership a good idea?
  What is a Limited Partnership?
  How can I get out of a partnership?
Raising Money
  What is an angel investor?
  What are the alternatives for financing a business?
  What laws apply when I am trying to raise money for my business?
Starting a Business
  Should my business be a corporation, partnership, or an LLC?
  What should I do to check if a proposed name for my corporation is available?
  What is an LLC?
  What is a DBA?
  Do I need an employer ID number for my new business?

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